David F. Choy

David solves social and environmental science problems using web services. David manages projects, develops web services, and designs websites. His PhD, from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland, focuses on environmental advocacy. His M.S. is in Water Resources and his B.S. is in mechanical engineering. He also takes photos.

Theo Ephraim

Designer, artist, and developer – if you can think it, he can make it. Theo received his B.S. in software engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Jesse Kovach

Jesse works in the area of information technology. Jesse has a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of Maryland. While he’s not working on his research at ARL, he is helping Montgomery Blair high school students get computers from the Blair Connect computer giveaway program. His favorite flavor of Linux is Debian.

Sarah Ahmed

Artist, engineering, graphic designer. Find some of Sarah’s work on pinterest. When she’s not drawing, Sarah manages water quantity at ICPRB. She received her Master’s of Science in Water Resources from the University of Maryland.


Brooks Clarke

Brooks is a graphic and UX designer with a history in branding and identity, web and print design, photography, and user experience. Brooks’ received his masters degree in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He holds a bachelors degree in art from the University of Maryland and an associates degree in graphic design from Montgomery College.

Cory Choy

Cory is a founding member of Emmy Award-winning Silver Sound. Cory has crisscrossed the globe with the likes of director and activist Iara Lee, explorer and TV host Richard Wiese, and trouble-and-movie-maker Andrew Wonder as a production sound mixer. He has been supervising sound design for folks such as indie horror legend Lloyd Kaufman and actor and director Peter Vack, and an adjunct professor of Sound Design at Brooklyn College. Driven by a desire to excel in his craft, Cory has never been afraid to go off the beaten path: he was an early adopter of the groundbreaking DAW REAPER from Cockos, has been a proponent of the game-changing Zaxcom Nova. Cory received his BFA from NYU Tish School of Arts.

Jascha Ephraim

Jascha Ephraim is a software manager and engineer and audio/video producer based in Oakland, California.

Marissa Rivera

Marissa Rivera is an independent brand designer and art director who loves creating great work with smart people. Her aesthetic merges minimalism with strategic thoughtfulness to yield beautiful yet meaningful designs. In every project, her aim is to elevate brand offerings by defining core principles and amplifying that message with utmost clarity and creativity. Recent collaborations span the realms of interior design, hospitality, beauty, fashion and cultural muses.

Michael Weaker

Designer, engineer, and artist, Michael is driven to enrich the lives of others by creating innovative and visually-appealing products that satisfy the universal human desire for aesthetics and improve quality of life.