David F. Choy

David manages projects, develops web services, and designs websites. David is interested in solving social and environmental science problems using web services. David is currently finishing a Ph.D. in civil engineering project management at the University of Maryland. His M.S. is in Water Resources and his B.S. is in mechanical engineering.

Theo Ephraim

Designer, artist, and developer – if you can think it, he can make it. Theo received his B.S. in software engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Theo's current project is Breather.

Jesse Kovach

Jesse works in the area of information technology. Jesse has a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of Maryland. While he's not working on his research at ARL, he is helping Montgomery Blair high school students get computers from the Blair Connect computer giveaway program. His favorite flavor of Linux is Debian.

Sarah Ahmed

Sarah works in the areas of art and graphic design. Find some of Sarah's work on pinterest. When she's not drawing, Sarah manages water quantity at ICPRB. She received her Master's of Science in Water Resources from the University of Maryland.


Cory Choy

After graduating from NYU Tish School of Arts, Cory opened up Silver Sound in New York. In addition to editing sound, Cory is a songwriter, an animator, and helped program Central.

Jascha Ephraim

Jascha Ephraim is a researcher programmer at University of California, Merced, composer, audio/video producer, and web developer based in San Francisco.

Michael Weaker

Designer, engineer, and artist, Michael is driven to enrich the lives of others by creating innovative and visually-appealing products that satisfy the universal human desire for aesthetics and improve quality of life.